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"Castle School Education Trust is committed to high quality education across the primary, secondary and sixth form key stages. Our schools cover the South Gloucestershire area. We encourage independence within each school within a strong framework of values."

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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Offer at

The Castle School Sixth Form

All students within our Sixth Form will be following an agreed study programme which comprises their academic studies, Life Skills, tutor periods and enrichment. These aspects of each individual's curriculum encompass their specialist areas of study as well as developing skills and knowledge about the world around them, preparing them for life after Sixth Form. Ultimately, we aim to empower each individual to make informed decisions about their future and in how to engage with the world around them.

Academic Curriculum:

For students who have already obtained a minimum of 7 GCSE's at grades 9-4, the Study Programme will include a combination of Level 3 courses, A-Levels; BTECS, CTEC'c or equivalents. For more information about the details and entry requirements for each subject, and for those who are interested in studying a fourth A Level, please refer to the course guide page.

Maths and English GCSE classes will automatically be part of the study programme for any student who hasn't yet obtained a 4 grade or equivalent in either, and are available to others also.

Life Skills Curriculum:

Our Life Skill curriculum and tutor periods are compulsory for each student as this is where they are exposed to a range of personal, social and cultural topics, approached to study skills and habits, as well as learning about aspirations and the range of post 18 opportunities. We value and are proud of the strong relationships the tutors develop with their tutees. The relationships allow the tutors to support individuals though their journey at Sixth Form and enables them to write references for students' university or job applications.

Life Skills: this takes place every Friday from 9-10am and is part of each students' timetable.

Tutor time: this takes place every day from 8:40-9am and is part of each students' timetable.

At various points of the year we celebrate cultural diversity, discuss and debate relevant topical issues, and prepare students with the knowledge they need in applying for further education, employment or apprenticeships. To assist us in delivering this content, we have external speakers from UWE, Amazing Apprenticeships, Future Quest, Brook Sexual Health, South Gloucestershire Council and more.

We also run an Aspirations week where professionals form the local community and beyond speak with students about a range of industries, inspiring them to explore different opportunities and avenues into these.


Each year, all students are required to partake in a minimum of two hours of enrichment. The enrichment activities include community or in-school volunteering, academic development and more creative or wellbeing options. There really is something for every student and it is a fantastic way for students to build their confidence, inter-personal skills of more specific academic knowledge. All of this is part of our aim to empower students beyond the classroom and to prepare them for life at university or in the workplace. To learn more about the current opportunities, please view our enrichment document.