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Exam Results

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Summer 2021students taking GCSE, AS and A levels regulated by Ofqual, should be awarded grades based on an assessment by their teachers.  Please see the link below for further information.

Ofqual Student guide to awarding in summer 2021

Please see below information regarding the Teacher Assessed Grades process at The Castle School


Exam Certificate collection - If you need information on collection of Exam Certificates please contact the Exams Officer on the email above.  The last exam season certificates are available from our Reception's;  GCSE Certificates from Park Road Reception, A-Level Certificates from Sixth Form Reception.

Summer 2020

Students received their A-level and GCSE results this year following an 'extraordinary journey'.

Following the cancellation of exams and the scrapping of a system designed to award results, students were given grades predicted by their teachers.

Castle Headteacher Mr Joe Docherty recognised the exceptional stresses experienced by students in the run-up to results days and said he hoped they could be one of celebration for the young people who had lived through a unique final year of school. He said: “Even before the lockdown in March, we knew that this Year 11 cohort were working very hard and were on course for excellent results. Many will have been disappointed not to have the chance to prove themselves in the final exams, and many will have been anxious in recent months about how results would be calculated. Developing resilience is a key part of education and this cohort  have certainly had an extraordinary journey.”

GCSE Results - “I know that these results are a true and accurate reflection of the abilities and effort of these 261 young people. As usual, there are many students with very high achievement, but I’m especially pleased with the breadth of progress across all the students.  The most important thing is that the results allow all our students to move on to appropriate further education or training.  

“We must congratulate them, and share their joy and relief. We’re delighted that around 65% of the students are planning to stay on into our Sixth Form to study A-levels, and the others will be moving on to various local colleges or training providers.”

A-Level Results - A-level results have shown another year of very high achievement. From the 152 students,
80% of the entries achieved A*-C grades, with 28% of the entries obtaining an A or A* grade.  

Headteacher Mr Joe Docherty commented “The performance of students in our Sixth Form remains a very strong feature of the school, and we consistently see excellent progress by students of all abilities. These results are very similar to the
excellent ones last year, and maintain the high standards we have come to expect. In this year particularly, I’m really pleased for the students, and very grateful to all their teachers for the outstanding support they provided.”

Sarah Ockenden, Head of Sixth Form, added “It is a very strange day, as we have had to e-mail result and students and not enjoy the traditional gathering of students to receive their results. Yet it has been a pleasure and a privilege for all of us to have worked with this talented group of students. They have contributed so much, in so many ways, and we will miss them. Our Sixth Form brings together students from both Castle and Marlwood schools, along with students joining from
elsewhere. Today’s results reflect their hard work over the last 2 years and their success is testament to the students’ talent, motivation and resilience. We celebrate the achievements of all students; some have made exceptional progress in their years with us and have impressed us greatly in their determination to overcome a number of difficulties.  They are now able to take the next steps towards achieving their goals, and we wish them all the very best for their future.”

Joe Docherty adds “Staff worked incredibly hard to draw up and scrutinise grades using as much evidence as they could and I want to thank them for their adaptability and commitment throughout these past months. 

We are enormously proud of our students and will never forget the cohort of 2020.”

Below is a summary of our School Exam Results





Key stage 4 (end of secondary school) Results

Progress 8 0.6
Students achieving Grade 4-9 English & Maths 74.20%
Students achieving Grade 5-9 English & Maths 57.30%
Student Ebacc (English Baccalaureate) Entries 63.50%
Students achieving Ebacc pass 51.50%
Students achieving Ebacc strong pass 39.60%
Students achieving 2x science pass 82.70%
Students achieving 2x science strong pass 71.80%
Students achieving Humanities pass 82.00%
Students achieving Humanities strong pass 74.10%
Students achieving Language pass 84.2%%
Students achieving Language strong pass 63.20%
Open bucket Progress 8 0.74

Key stage 5 (16 to 18) information:

Students awarded at least 3 A-Levels graded A* to C:   80%

Students who in all subjects achieved A* to A:                   28%.    3 students achieved A*A*A*A* and 7 achieved A*A*A*

Average A-Level grade:   B   (School 2019 average grade was B- , National Average C+ )

Average Applied General Grade:  Distinction 

Full details of exam results at Key Stage 4 and 5 can be found on the Compare school performance website by clicking here.

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Exams and Data Office on tel: 01454 862133 or email;

Exams Officer - Dawn Rowe.  Email;

Data Officer - Beata Seyithan.  Email;

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