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Information for New Year 12

Holiday Homework

If you attended our Taster Day on 22 June, you may have been issued a task to complete during the summer. The details for each subject are given below.

Access to Music

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You are to create a mood board for your chosen Art subject (Fine Art, Art 3D, Graphics, Textiles) A mood board is used by artists to gather their inspiration and ideas. You are to create your own mood board that shows what you like visually and why you’ve chosen the specific art area. This needs to include drawing, at least two artists as inspiration, photographs, things you’ve collected or you can produce a digital outcome.

Here are some ideas:


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Business A Level

Homework Task 1

Over the summer holidays, read newspapers to collect information about what’s currently happening in the world of business. Create a scrapbook to show your research and findings. For each article, in your own words, write up a summary of the case. Ensure you can answers the following : What’s happening and why is it happening ? Who will it effect ? How will it affect them ? What actions could be taken to improve the situation ?

Homework Task 2

During the summer holidays, conduct some personal research into four entrepreneurs of your choice. Design a four slide power-point presentation to show to the class when you return in September. On each slide show your findings : who have you researched and why ? When did your entrepreneur first start-up their own business ? What products or services do they provide ? What were their motives for going into business ?

Business (Enterprise & Marketing)

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Applying maths skills plays a big part in Chemistry. You will sit a Maths for Chemistrytest in your first week back, including:
  • Writing formulae;
  • Significant figures;
  • Standard form;
  • Converting units;
  • Moles;
  • Empirical formula.

Children's Play, Learning & Development

Your homework is to contact a couple of settings where you could possibly go for Work Experience (WEX) to start in Sept (by 1st Oct).  Please go into the setting in person, speak to the administrator or WEX co-ordinator and explain that you will be Sixth Form students at Castle School, studying BTEC Level 3 and need to complete work experience as a mandatory part of your course.

You will be able to confirm the exact days/times when you have your timetables in September.

ICT Cambridge Technical

The transfer of data between devices is a crucial part of everyday computing. Conduct some research into the TCP/IP protocol. You should write a short report or presentation describing what is meant by the term “protocol” and describe the individual layers and the role they play in transferring data.


Read your resource packs on Rambert Dance Company. Use them to produce a timeline (using as many pieces of A4 paper sellotaped as need).

Your timeline needs to include dates of key events and practitioners in the lead up to 1966 and then for the period 1966-2002. Annotate the timeline with notes and pictures including as much detail as possible. Make sure the following individuals feature: Marie Rambert, Norman Morrice, John Chesworth, Robert North, Richard Alston and Christopher Bruce. Your detail should include their backgrounds and influences (you will need to name some other practitioners in reference to this), predominant dance styles used, impact on the company.

The resources provided give an overview and include quite a lot of detail but we would expect evidence of wider reading and research…..You are now A-Level students.

Drama and Theatre Studies

1.     Research what theatrical productions have been performed in 2017 within a 25 mile radius of here (Bristol, Bath, Thornbury, Cardiff) and see if you can put these into categories e.g musicals/ social drama / comedy/ period drama/ tragedy/ physical theatre/ puppetry/ improvisation / Theatre in Education/ children’s theatre/ storytelling/ solo performance/ etc (there may be others you can find)

2.     Read through the vocab sheets

a)     Look up any of the terms you don’t know and make a note on sheets

b)    Add as many extra verbs/ adverbs / adjectives as you can to the vocab sheets

(minimum 5 per section)

3.     Prepare either:

a performance of OR a costume / lighting / set design for a short monologue

You must have this ready for performance (presentation if design) during the first week of the course (this can be just to me or Mrs Ferguson if you do not feel ready to perform to the class). If acting, you must have learnt the lines and rehearsed movement, facial expression, gesture, vocal delivery. If you would like help with finding a monologue…please do contact me


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Film Studies

The wider your knowledge of film, and the more you sit down to watch them properly, read about them and think about them, the better! 

Your homework is to go to the cinema at least twice during the holidays, each time visiting a different cinema.  Read about the films you are going to see, researching the director, key facts about the production, box office statistics and critical reviews. 

For a challenge, go and see something foreign, or made on a very  low budget.  Come back at the start of term ready to talk about, and write a review on, your choices.  Enjoy!


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Health & Social Care

Your homework is to contact a couple of settings where you could possibly go for Work Experience (WEX) to start in Sept (by 1st Oct).  Please go into the setting in person, speak to the administrator or WEX co-ordinator and explain that you will be Sixth Form students at Castle School, studying BTEC Level 3 and need to complete work experience as a mandatory part of your course.

You will be able to confirm the exact days/times when you have your timetables in September.


Task 1 - Click for instructions

Maths, Further Maths & Core Maths

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Media Studies

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Medical Science

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Physical Education

  • Print out and read through AQA A Level PE syllabus from
  • Highlight the syllabus using the following criteria:
    Yellow - I feel confident in this topic area
    Green - I know about this topic area, but I am not very confident
    Pink - I have no idea about this topic area.


You must ensure that your working knowledge of GCSE Mathematics is up to scratch.

Massively important topics are trigonometry, gradients, rearranging equations, equation for a straight line graph.

In your first lesson, you will be examined on these topics.
If your test is not up to the required standard, you will be required to attend ‘catch-up maths’ sessions in the first term.

Could use websites such as:

My Maths - Secondary if you have a password.

Product Design

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Click for instructions.

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Read this extract on Situation Ethics and make notes.

Extract 1: William Barclay, ‘Situation Ethics’ (1971).
Taken from: Ethics in a Permissive Society, by William Barclay (Collins 1971)
Chapter 4, Situation Ethics, pp.69–91.

Pearson Qualifications - Religious Studies

Also, read the section from Sophie's World called "A Strange Creature"

Pg 16 on this version

But there are many pdfs available.

Answer these questions:

1.  Why are adults less full of wonder than babies?
2. What are the characteristics that children and philosophers share and why can they be useful?
3. Why don’t people listen to the philosophers when they shout  from the ‘tip of the rabbit’s fine hairs’?
4. Do you think you have an ‘enquiring mind’? What makes you think this?


1.    Go shopping!

You will need to purchase the following and bring them to your first sociology lesson, as well as all lessons thereafter:

  • Highlighters
  • Pen to write with (we do not loan out pens)
  • A4 lined paper
  • 2 x A4 lever arch folder
  • 2 x Dividers (at least 6)
  • You will need to purchase a text book. Look on ebay for cheaper options. It is AQA A Level Sociology book one. 2015 AQA specification. Rob Webb, Westergaard, Trobe and Townend. Napier press. ISBN: 978-0-9540079-1-1.

2.    Read the newspapers

Sociology is the study of the social world around, so we need to ensure that at all times we are keeping up-to-date with the goings on in the world. The exam requires you to write real examples from the real world.

If you get the chance subscribe to a newspaper – make sure it is a reliable newspaper such as ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Times’ or ‘The Independent’. Reading ‘The Sun’ or ‘The Mirror’ will give you gossip but not reality, so don’t waste your time!

There will be a newspaper wall set up where I expect people to pin articles that are particularly interesting to either the topic we are studying, or to society in general. They could be articles you feel passionate about, or that annoyed you. The newspaper wall is there to stimulate discussion and interest in the real world.

Bring to your first lesson at least one newspaper articlethat either interested you or annoyed you. You need to be able to talk about the story and why you chose it.

If you fail to bring the correct equipment and your newspaper cutting to the first lesson it will be deemed that you do not want to partake in the course and you will be denied entry to the lesson.


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