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Welcome to The Castle School

Thank you for your interest in the Castle School. I hope you find this website useful and informative. The Castle School is a thriving and successful school providing a high standard of education for all children within a caring learning environment. We are proud of our school, where high standards of work, behaviour and achievement are the norm...read more

The Castle School is proud of its excellent reputation and of its long service to the education of students within the community.  As Headteacher, I want everyone to achieve their personal best, whatever their individual talents and aspirations.
Peter Smart, Headteacher



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- Lessons for 3 September 2015
Students in Years 8 – 11 start the new school year on Thursday 3 September. They will have an extended registration from 8:40am, which will include a Headteacher’s Assembly and receiving their new timetables. In case of worries packing their bag for the first day, please click on the link below for an outline of the timetable for that day.
This event runs for three days 8-10 July 2015 and replaces all lessons for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Follow us on Twitter@CastleOppsDays or If you have any questions, contact caroline.roberts@thecastleschool.org.uk